What is a Bottle Bong?

The Bottle Bong is a 2 piece smoking accessory that effortlessly turns any standard bottle into a bong or dab rig!

The Bottle Bong Original consists of a 1 piece glass stem/bowl & the Bottle Bong mouthpiece. 

The Bottle Bong Dab Rig consists of a 1 piece quartz banger/stem & the Bottle Bong mouthpiece. 

Simply screw the mouthpiece on to any standard bottle and then slide the glass bowl/stem or quartz banger/stem through the top and bam! You have an amazing bong or dab rig.

Whether the Bottle Bong is for personal everyday use, hiking/camping, traveling, special occasions, music festivals or a gift, the Bottle Bong puts a smile on everyone’s face and hits like a champion.

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Bong To The Beach

Are you ready to hit the beach this summer? The Bottle Bong is perfect for the beach as it is portable, disposable or reusable, recycleable & always hits like a champ!

Perfect for hiking!

Explore the great outdoors with your Bottle Bong.

Bottle Bong Blog

How to set up your Bottle Bong.

How to set up your Bottle Bong.

Follow these steps to easily setup your Bottle Bong and/or Bottle Bong Dab Rig.
What is a Bottle Bong?

What is a Bottle Bong?

The Bottle Bong is perfect for any occasion from exploring the outdoors, sitting by the beach and spending time with old friends to name a few... not to mention the Bottle Bong is the perfect gift.
Recycle Reduce Retoke

Recycle Reduce Retoke

The Bottle Bong is the eco-friendly portable bong that always puts a smile on everyones faces and hits like a champion.

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