About Us

Over the years we can all remember making bongs out of almost anything we could find. In doing, we used a bottle for the perfect foundation of our homemade creations.

Fun, simple and easy to assemble, The Bottle Bong took inspiration from these innovative homemade creations and gives you an effortless solution to turn bottles into bongs.

The Bottle Bong is not meant to replace your most expensive bongs but to provide you with a fun and nostalgic bong that always hits like a champion while putting a smile on everyone's face.

After one rip, The Bottle Bong may become your favorite bong!

We take great pride in providing you with a product that is completely recyclable from the glass stem/bowl, mouthpiece and packaging. So when your Bottle Bong gets dirty, simply recycle the bottle, grab a new bottle and you will have an amazing new bong!

The Bottle Bong hit the Las Vegas market in late 2017 followed by the The Bottle Bong Dabber in 2019.

The Bottle Bong is the ultimate portable bong, the perfect gift and the ultimate stoner stocking stuffer.

We are excited for you to use our products and look forward to hearing your feedback on social media.

So have fun, enjoy and don't forget to BYOB,

Viva Las Bottle Bong!